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Two-way patient communication made simple — all through your practice phone number.

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OhMD has revolutionized healthcare communication, streamlining patient-provider interactions with a focus on HIPAA compliant texting. This innovative platform simplifies complex dialogues, enhancing responsive care. By facilitating effective text-based exchanges, OhMD's patient communication platform reduces administrative burdens and enriches patient engagement.

Eliminate hours of leaving voicemail and the stress of high call volume. Delight patients with simple conversations.

OhMD is the solution over 50,000 healthcare providers across all specialties and organization sizes choose to streamline patient conversations.

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Integration Details

OhMD helps busy Healthie practices use two-way text messaging to eliminate phone tag, generate revenue, and improve care. Seamlessly enable your existing practice phone number to send and receive texts with no apps to download.


Patient created

Patient created

Conversation saved to chart

Conversation saved to chart


Patient synced

Patient synced

HIPAA compliant text conversation

HIPAA compliant text conversation



Secure patient messaging

Engage in two-way HIPAA compliant texting with no apps to download for your patients. Leverage text messages from your practice phone number that get read 98% of the time.

Voice & Video Calling

Consolidate communication into one platform including video visits, outbound calling, e-forms, and more - all launched through a text message. Plug OhMD into your existing phone menu, turn calls into text conversations, and watch call volume plummet.

Text Campaigns

Automate scheduling, prescription refills, referrals and more common tasks. Connect with groups of patients all at once with Broadcast texting. Put an end to phone tag as patient engagement skyrockets.

Integration with Healthie

Sync contacts from Healthie to OhMD's patient communication platform for efficient two-way patient conversation. Even transcribe voicemail. Push your chats back to the patient record in Healthie in a click.

Next Steps

Sign a contract with OhMD

In order to use this integration, you'll need to become an OhMD customer, signing a contract and paying any fees due to OhMD. To get in touch with their sales team, click "Learn More About OhMD" above.

Fill out the Activate a Partner Form

To let both companies know you're ready to move forward with the integration, fill out the form here

Start texting patients

In order to use this HIPAA compliant texting integration, organizations will need to have a signed contract with both Healthie and OhMD.


  • Jenny Tuggle image

    Jenny Tuggle
    Project & Marketing Coordinator, Ascentist Healthcare

    As we have grown, the need to be able to communicate with patients via text and phone has become crucial for us. Patients can respond in their own time and I'm not sitting around waiting for my phone to ring. We're not playing phone tag.
  • Amy LittleSun image

    Amy LittleSun
    Practice Manager, Performance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine

    A game changer! Patients love the ability to communicate via text message. We are able to reach patients who don't set up their voicemails or return phone calls. We also love that it goes directly to the patients chart once the conversation is closed. Highly recommend!
  • Virginia Burberry image

    Virginia Burberry
    Director of Clinical Education, Family Practice Associates of Lexington

    Texting has 100% eliminated the headaches our support staff was having. Reaching patients in a timely manner with OhMD has just been ultimately life-changing for our them. Now that they're able to text, they're able to close the loop on a lot of things that normally we would leave open for weeks waiting for a patient to respond.



The OhMD integration with Healthie allows you to have two-way conversation with your patients via text message all through your practice phone number using through OhMD's secure patient messaging platform. Your patients sync to OhMD where conversations can happen easily between care team and patient. When the conversation is over, you can easily document into the patient's health record in Healthie.
With OhMD, you and your staff can message directly from your practice's recognizable phone number. The patient does not have to remember any username or passwords to receive the text. When they receive your text messages they can also text you back directly from their phone and the messages will log in their specific conversation record in the OhMD patient communication solution. 

At the end of the conversation, you can click to export that conversation record as a PDF for the patient's record in Healthie.
There are fundamental benefits of implementing a HIPAA compliant messaging application with your practice. These include improved response time, enhanced security, healthier bottom line, streamlined workflow, and ease of use for both your patients and staff.
There are a number of factors that enable HIPAA compliant conversations on the OhMD patient communication platform that are both logistical and technological in nature:

  • By using the OhMD applications, an automatic BAA is put in place which can be accessed here.
  • Using OhMD as your patient communication solution segregates communication containing PHI from your other communication platforms).
  • Organizations are required to gain documented (dated and time stamped) patient consent to communicate via SMS. OhMD accomplishes this by asking the patient for consent to text upon first engagement. If consent is not given, all messages can be sent and received via encrypted link that opens in platform.
  • OhMD combines secure video, calling, SMS, and encrypted-chat (through encrypted SMS links) to give each organization all the tools they need depending on how they operate.
  • OhMD was designed specifically for healthcare organizations, with their workflows in mind.  OhMD provides the tools to administer users and their access, control who should be notified of new messages, and manage your patient population.
  • Our staff has completes regular HIPAA training — we treat your data with respect and care.

  • OhMD employs TLS RSA with ARIA-256-CBC/SHA-384 for Message Delivery and AES-256 for web service callouts.
  • Data is encrypted when at rest.  OhMD’s hardware is hosted on the East Coast of the United States by Amazon utilizing their EC2 HIPAA compliant service and encrypted using AES-256.  OhMD and Amazon have an executed BAA in place.
  • Account management can be handled by client-side Admins and/or by OhMD Support.  Ability to access and level of access can be managed per user with all users needing unique usernames and passwords.

This seamless integration allows you to create the patient in Healthie, as you normally would, and the patient automatically syncs with OhMD. 
OhMD is flexible. You can set OhMD up to allow patient texts to go to your office staff, or if you’d like, you can receive them directly. The choice is up to you.
Yes. OhMD allows providers to communicate quickly and effectively with colleagues. Inside or outside your organization, all types of healthcare professionals can communicate with each other for better care coordination. We even have ways to automate referral capture and conversion.